Planning Training Day 12 March at Bramham Park

Inspiration and Planning: What Future for our Historic Parks and Gardens?

The conservation of historic designed landscapes and the role of the Gardens Trusts

12th March 2019, 9.45am-4.30pm

An Historic Landscape Project Training Day with Yorkshire Gardens Trust

Bramham Park, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS23 6ND – an internationally important park and garden

Background: Despite their popularity, the historic parks and gardens that we love are easily lost, as they are vulnerable to decay, development, and a lack of understanding. That they survive is testimony to decades of effort by professionals and dedicated amateurs, including members of the County Gardens Trusts. Every year, the Gardens Trust receives some 1500 planning applications that may affect historic parks and gardens, and this figure is expected to rise. With the economic crisis bringing a hammer blow to the availability of skilled resources in the conservation sector, is this make or break time for historic parks and gardens?

Aim: Visiting a fabulous park and garden and appreciating what makes it special helps us understand only too clearly how easy it is for it to be spoilt by inappropriate development. This day is intended to introduce some conservation issues facing the historic parks and gardens we so enjoy, and to offer ways in which we might help protect sites we care about. By looking at a real site, delegates will gain a broad understanding of key conservation issues and can think about and discuss what tools we could use to tackle possible threats. The day will explain just how important a role County Gardens Trusts play, and how the work they do helps The Gardens Trust protect the gardens we treasure. Delegates will leave with a fresh insight into historic parks and gardens, and some ideas as to how they can get involved.

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This training day, including lunch and viewing some of the park and garden, is part-funded by Yorkshire Gardens Trust (YGT) and is free of charge to their members,
or £10 for non-members.

Enquiries or bookings to tamsinmcmillan [at]

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